Ombudsman: “Fujimori’s Pardon Has Not Met the Standards”


If Fujimori gets involved in political activities in the future, his pardon could be annulled.

Ombudsman Walter Gutiérrez thinks that Ex-President Alberto Fujimori’s presidential pardon is not meeting the legal standards.

In an interview with El Comercio, Gutiérrez explains his point of view: “It’s a pardon given to an Ex-President that committed serious crimes related to human rights. (…) The file has been denied to us based on norms that do not apply to the defense”.

On two occasions the Ministry of Justice has denied access to the file concerning the Ex-President’s pardon. Regarding this, Gutiérrez said that the information is being requested only to guarantee the fundamental rights stated in the Constitution, not as an excuse to access it.

The file, according to the Ombudsman, will allow an evaluation of the resolution that led to the pardon, within the legal parameters and jurisprudential standards.

“Even if the President of the Republic has the highest authority to give the humanitarian pardon, at the same time he can’t fail to meet the legal parameters. We have asked for the files to see if this has been accomplished”, explained Gutiérrez to El Comercio.

He also says that when the Ombudsman’s office asks for information about a person’s health, they must be granted access for it, even if there is a norm that states that you can’t violate someone’s intimacy regarding their health. In this case, he explains that there are important legal interests related to Fujimori’s health files, because of the crimes he was sentenced for.

Gutiérrez also added that in the case that Fujimori was to get involved in political activities, the pardon must be annulled.

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