Gilbert Violeta: PPK Will Not Resign


Congressman Gilbert Violeta, internal president of the government party Peruanos por el Kambio, assures that Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) will not be resigning, in spite of his current low popularity, explained El Comercio.

Violeta considers that the PPK’s current 19% popularity has more to do with “everything that’s been happening in national politics”, according to an interview he gave El Comercio. He also says that the president will be attending the interrogations from the Java Lato Commission (who investigate the Odebrecht scandal).

President Kuczynski will be interrogated soon by the Java Lato Commission, but after Jorge Barata, Odebrecht’s Ex-President in Peru. According to Violeta, the fact that PPK will go after Barata doesn’t prove a lack of confidence in what he has to say, it is just a measure taken to avoid being cited several times to declare.

When asked if the president will be resigning soon, he responded to El Comercio that these are just rumors to “create instability in the country”, he said to this media.

If Kuczynski does not convince the Lava Jato Commission and if what is leaked to the press of the interrogation to Barata compromises him, the motion of censorship would be forceful and would receive the support of other groups,” said La República two days ago, referring to the motion several congress parties are supporting to remove the president from office.

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