Grossheim Needs to Attract Investments to the Mining Sector


The new Minister of Energy and Mines must work to boost investments in mining and hydrocarbons, according to experts.

The new challenge of the new Minister of Energy and Mines, Ángela Grossheim Barrientos, will be to boost investments in the sector. The trade union representative recalled that mining has entered a period of good prices due to the rise in the prices of metals. Keeping this in mind, companies will have a better cash availability for the development of projects in various parts of the world.

The prices expected to be reached by raw materials this year are favorable for mining investment. The results of this investment will not necessarily be seen in the short term but will be seen in the next 5 to 10 years, so it is important before this new wave of investments, that Peru is well positioned.

In relation to the hydrocarbons sector, the head of SNMPE, Luis Marchese, has mentioned that this activity has been “very mistreated” in recent years and a new organic hydrocarbons law is being discussed in Congress.

On the other hand, Marchese said that, in the field of electric power generation, the legislation should be reviewed comprehensively in accordance with the current reality of the market. He pointed out that there is a case of an oversupply of electricity and the law requires a review that takes into account the market conditions which have changed a lot in the last few years.

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