Heavy Rain and Thunders Will Take Place in Several Provinces


La Niña weather phenomenon could be affecting the rainy season with more heavy rains.

An upcoming cycle of heavy rains and electrical storms will take place in Peru, according to Senamhí (National Service for Meteorology and Hydrology), informed La República.

“Both people that live in the departments of the mountain range and jungle, as well as those that are traveling to these areas, should take into consideration a new cycle of intense and strong rains that will affect this part of the country”, said La República.

According to a report from Senamhi, starting today until the 15th, moderated and strong rains will take place, affecting 11 regions. The Cusco jungle, Madre de Dios, and Ucayali are some of the areas that will also be experiencing electrical storms.

“These precipitations are considered to be within the normal range, nevertheless, there is a factor that makes them repeat more often: The Niña phenomenon”, Benito Valderrama, meteorologist specialist from Senamhi explained to La República.

La Niña is a weather phenomenon that occurs when the ocean cools down mildly (about 1 or 2 degrees Celsius), rain is generated in the Andes and Amazon in Peru.

Also, starting on Wednesday and ending on Friday, there will be intense rain in all of the mountain range area in the country, especially in the southern part of Peru.

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