Helpful Training Tips for Your Peruvian Travel Plans


If you plan to travel to a country such as Peru, the itinerary usually includes some sort of physical activity. We’ve compiled a few helpful tips to enhance your trek through this glorious country.

Traversing mountains, maintaining a leisurely pace at Machu Picchu, or simply walking the streets of Cuzco can be quite strenuous considering the elevation comes into play. Sometimes people travel to Peru and experience some discomforting symptoms because of the altitude and must acclimatize to the conditions before doing anything serious.

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I didn’t feel any headaches or experience any ill effects from altitude sickness which can be common to tourists, and I credit that to simple preparedness. Sometimes some mental and physical preparation can go a long way.

I have written a few tips that can give you an edge over your compatriots during your travels.

The Andes Mountains can be quite treacherous and physically daunting, and the only way to conceivably go about traversing that high up is to condition your body. One routine that could be specifically tailored to this activity is cardio. Gym memberships have never been easier or cheaper to obtain, and a stair stepper machine can be instrumental in your success.

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Run a few miles every other day as well to stimulate healthy muscle growth, and to prepare your body for the physical exertion of whatever you plan to do.

Squats and deadlifts can also increase your core strength, making it easier for your body to perform under the conditions. The form is important but you don’t necessarily need a personal trainer to manage these moves. There are scores of online tutorials to follow so you don’t find yourself injured before you leave. Back injuries could make you call it quits before the fun even starts! Research has also shown that increasing the time your muscles are under tension can increase muscle growth. Start with a weight you are comfortable with, do three sets of 10 reps per exercise, and breathe in and out while you work out to continue the flow of oxygen.

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Stretching is also very important, and making sure your body is loose will prevent injury in general.

Yoga can be very helpful to implement any workout routine and has also been shown to increase muscle growth when included in a strength training program. Can you also guess what might be the most important thing you can do to prepare? Dieting! Being within a healthy weight range can reduce fatigue, and reduce the physical exertion necessary to perform any feat that you may encounter.

Hiking the Inca Trail is the biggest physical undertaking within reason that I can think of in Peru, and at times, especially towards the end, it seems like you are climbing straight up.

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I was personally sore even after the first day, so actively stretching throughout your hike is also essential. Most would consider dining on the local cuisine just as instrumental in any travel itinerary as any museum or excursion. Engorging large quantities of food can be just as much of a reward for your hard work and preparation as the feeling of euphoria you’ll receive once you accomplish your goals. Most importantly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be much easier than trying to reach one, so build on that momentum from your vacation and continue it when you get home! You owe it to yourself!

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