How To Change Your Life After A Retreat In Peru


There are lots of travelers out there who travel to Peru in order to go on retreats. And those who wish to do this are in luck, because there are more retreat centers within Peru than there are in most other places of the world. Here are some tips on what you can do to make the best of your retreat while in Peru.

Being ready to create new habits

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On leaving a retreat, you will probably feel revitalized in ways that you never imagined before undertaking this deep inner work. At the same time, without the preparation of setting realistic goals and expectations, it can be challenging to return to a life that you lived before, with temptations and triggers you might feel to fall into old habits. You’ll understand yourself and your surroundings in new ways, but it might be difficult to cope with the fact that your world you return to will be the same world you left behind. So, it’s possible you’ll that you’ll fall back into the old habits you thought you were leaving behind. For this reason, we recommend that you prevent this from happening by creating a life transformation support system.

What do I mean by support system?

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It’s a loaded term and a bit technical-sounding, but in its essence, it’s just a combination of rituals, new habits, healthy, mutually-supportive relationships you can put your energy into, that will help you arrive at your full potential. In most all situations, developing an effective support system means developing a consistent practice that will help you let go of what doesn’t serve your higher purpose in order to let new energies in.

Here are some basic practices for establishing a support system after attending a retreat. And remember, don’t be deceived by the illusion that what others are doing in their spiritual practice is what you should do as well. Be open towards discovery and experiment. Cultivate the practices that work best for what you need to honor your highest self. There is nothing more spiritual than this. Here are some ideas of where you go to develop an effective support system:


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The wonderful thing about meditation is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. All that is important is to develop a consistency of practice and to honor your intentions. One amazing way to get started is to attend a Vipassana meditation retreat. There is a lot of great work that you can do through your own practice of meditation, but a meditation retreat will allow you the with a space free of distractions, meals provided for, respect for a noble silence, support from experienced facilitators. Vipassana meditation is the oldest, purest lineage of meditation that there is, descending from the teachings of Buddha himself. And in order to assure that all beings of the earth have the chance to participate, they run strictly off of donation. To find out more about Vipassana meditation, visit https://www.dhamma.org/.

Seek new knowledge

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Read wisdom-filled texts both ancient and modern, watch movies that stimulate your higher mind, go online to find out more about the growing worldwide communities that you’ve made yourself a part of. Seek the types of knowledge that will help you to become the type of person who you dream of becoming.

Cultivate healthy relationships and break with those that aren’t

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In taking steps to cultivate healthy relationships, here are some questions to ask yourself that might be helpful: Who has been there to honor your highest self, even in the times that you’ve felt you’ve lost your way? In what ways could you offer gratitude to these people in ways that you haven’t before? And in regards to energy, you might ask yourself: are there relationships in my life that getting in the way of me achieving my true power? Do I have relationships with others that are preventing them from reaching their true power? And what can be done to change these things?
In the end, building healthier relationships comes down to communication and honesty. When this doesn’t work, you’re probably involved in a toxic relationship that it might be best for you to leave behind. When it becomes necessary for you to break with past relationships, do it with the compassion that you know all creatures deserve: offer thanks for the great things they have given you along the way and wish the absolute best for their future path. In doing this, you will both be better off.

Express yourself

Go ahead and laugh at whatever voice inside is telling you that you are not an artist and that it should be left to the those other freaks of the world. This is a lie and it’s time to expose it as such. There is a depthless magic within you that you have to share. Consider reading the book “The Artist’s Way,” by Julia Cameron. It’s sold millions of copies for good reason: it was written for anybody and everybody who wants to connect with their artistic self.

Give thanks

You can never do this often enough. Take a few moments every day to realize the miracle that you are, that is all around you, all the special beings you have in your life. Even those who have hurt you in the past—give thanks, now that you’ve forgiven and transcended, for whatever lessons they have allowed you to learn. Maybe there is not a whole lot to say about giving thanks though, since madre ayahuasca can be so clear to us in showing what we have to be thankful. Whatever this medicine helped you to sense, continue to honor this wisdom and do not let go. Beyond all challenges you encounter, hold true to giving thanks.
Last words? Whatever you just read, don’t even listen to it. Hold true to what feels right for you

Yes, that’s right. You might have read this all for nothing. There is absolutely no reason for you to stick to any prescribed path unless you know it works for you. Hopefully, there are tidbits within this article that resonate with you. Take this insight and run with it. But while you construct your support system post-ceremony, it is so important not to overcomplicate things. Take the process breath by breath. Honor your journey as a process. Our paths towards healing are endless. Smile and look at where you’ve come from; enjoy the ride.







Scott Montgomery is a multi-medium storyteller and holistic creative, a travel guide and transformational coach, whose core mission is to help others to live authentically with purpose and intention in order to make an impact in the world. After earning his masters degree in creative writing at Arizona State University in 2013, he made the move to Peru in order to write about indigenous communities of the jungles and the Andes, and to explore what this might have to do with his own life path. These years of traveling and living across the country have helped him to embrace a more purposeful lifestyle that's guided by the values of collaboration, creativity, and transformation. To find out more about what Scott's up to and how you can get involved, visit his personal website www.voyagewithscott.com