Illegal Logging Mobilizes $112 Million US Dollars Per Year In Peru


The illegal logging of the Peruvian Amazon mobilizes no less than $112 million us dollars per year, according to an estimation made by the British organization Global Witness.

This report denounced the irregularities in Peru’s forestry market, said Gestión in an article published today.

The report ‘El Justiciero Forestal’, calculated that at least 60% of the wood extracted in the last decade in Loreto and Ucayali, the two largest wood-producing regions of Peru, was illegal because it was cleared from unauthorized areas”, Gestión informed.

The British NGO revealed that the illegal wood of the Peruvian Amazon is washed to give it an appearance of legal origin through various modalities.

“Among these tricks is the felling of trees in areas destined for the local population such as indigenous communities and the falsification of the trees’ location”, they explained.

Global Witness also warned that the independence of the Forestry and Wildlife Resources Oversight Agency (Osinfor) of Peru, a body dedicated to detecting and denouncing illegal logging, has been weakened by recent decisions of the Peruvian government.

“It is absolutely essential that independence is returned to Osinfor”, said Laura Furones, Global Witness campaign leader.

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