Jorge Chávez Airport’s Expansion Is Long Overdue


Due to the failure of meeting several deadlines, the project of expanding Peru’s largest airport, Jorge Chávez will not be culminated by 2023 as it was planned.

The expansion includes a second runway and a new terminal, that would double the airport’s capacity. “This expansion will require an investment of $1.5 billion US dollars and would help reposition Peru as a true airline hub in the region”, said Airline Geeks.

Currently, the airport is operating over its determined capacity, as it receives over 20 million passengers per year.

Some of the areas that do not meet the optimal standards set by the Ositran (national organization in charge of investment in infrastructure and public transportation use) are several passenger seats, check-in desks, areas assigned for immigration, and gates.

“In addition, operational delays concerning takeoff and landing turns, parking positions, and refueling provisions are not uncommon. The airport is the main point of entry to Peru and an important regional hub for both LATAM and Avianca, who use Lima to connect passengers from the Southern Fringe of the continent with Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the U.S.”, said Airline Geeks.

The website also mentions that other reasons for the delay in the expansion plans come from an ongoing dispute between the MTC (Ministry of Transport and Communication) and LAP (International Airport Jorge Chávez). Also, the authorities haven’t delivered on time the area that is needed for the expansion, due on March this year.

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