Life Purpose: Following My Heart’s Calling to Come to Peru


If you feel the call to come to Peru, then please come, and search into your soul for all that gets in the way of heartfelt listening. And once you get to Peru, do all that you can to connect with its many plants, people, and traditions. Here is why I am grateful for following my own calling to come to Peru.

What about my own calling to come to Peru?

Photo: Scott Montgomery
I began my travels about three years ago after a number of unmistakable signs from the universe. After recognizing the call to come here, it felt like every turn I made cried out me: “go fulfill your destiny, seek out the sacred plants, and heal yourself! In turn heal the world, slowly but surely.”
Once I got to Peru, I blindly ran around the entire country finding what resonated with my spirit. Along the way I found clues to unlock all the facets of myself that I’d kept hidden within my pain. I found community that supported me, and found comfort in sharing my visions with great ease. The synchronicities seem to be magnified within the ancient wisdom hiding in every corner of these beautiful mountains, seas and jungle lands.
It took me traveling through 22 different cities to build this powerful community that I was searching for, to unite towards greater purposes for the well-being of all beings, to truly find my home within la selva, the jungle. My heart feels so blessed to have connected with the myriad of beautiful spirits, lifelong friends, and soul family.

The magic of jungle plants

Photo: Scott Montgomery

The medicinal plants of the Peruvian jungles speak so loudly to those who are willing to listen and connect. It goes well beyond finding and sharing these plants but to benefit the lives of those families that have spent generations growing, healing and finding themselves left behind due to the greed of big pharma and the widespread commercialization of farming.

My suggestions on how to experience Peru in the most transformative ways

Photo: Scott Montgomery

Travel Peru and you will find yourself humbled in countless ways, just remember to take the time to look beyond yourself and your journey to help better those lives around you. We all have knowledge that the person next to us does not, and as we unite these lessons of life, we all grow in ways never to be expected. I thought within my writings of traveling to every corner of this country I would get deeper into the beauty of this country. It is a place full of abundance, which contains 30% of the worlds flora, snow-capped mountain peaks, and powerful energetic portals that have been left behind by the Incans. By working with plant medicines that are native to Peru, we can open gateways to different dimensions.

But I also must make clear that plant medicines are not the only way to do this. You can open this connection through the simple act of connecting to your breath at the top of a mountain peak.

Polution and environmental neglect in Peru

On the road to the first world from the third world, these cultures are unknowingly making the same mistakes of a trash and plastic filled world. It is our duty as expats to come and straighten out our own souls but to help lift up a culture before they end up with the same patterns of destruction on a level with the industrialized nations they look up to.
All these experiences of unmistakable beauty have brought my soul to the realization of the importance of unity, even more than before. I’ve watched so many people come and go and pay no mind to the starving elder on the corner, the trash being thrown into the Amazon River. It breaks my heart to know that without action on all of our parts, this beauty will not be available forever.