Meet The Girl From New York Who Is Obsessed With Peru!


Yadhira Barazorada Angeles was not born in Peru but is obsessed with the Inca land. Instead of Barbie dolls or Disney princesses, this 9-year-old girl prefers llamas and eating cuy (guinea pig).

“The little New Yorker’s parents are Peruvians who traveled many years ago to the ‘Big Apple’ in search of a better future”, Perú 21 said. “Despite the distance, they always kept the love intact for their roots”, they continued, explaining that this is why their daughter lives and dies for Peruvian culture.

“I like Peru because my family comes from there and I am happy that they come from that beautiful country, my whole family is Peruvian, my mom, my dad, my grandparents, they all come from there and I like that,” she told the media enthusiastically.

Yadhira likes to listen to Peruvian news every morning before going to school, asks for Peruvian food for lunch, communicates regularly with her relatives in Peru and loves the Blanquirroja team.

Every day she learns more about her country, she is taking seafaring classes and learning to play cajón”, says the mother, who affirms that part of this “obsession” for Peru is due to the girl’s grandfather who started buying her books about the country since she learned to read at age seven.

She also loves llamas and would like to become a veterinarian when she grows up.

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