Minister Of Trade And Export Promotion Of The United Kingdom Visits Peru


The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion of the United Kingdom, Baroness Rona Fairhead CBE, reaffirmed the strengthening of bilateral relations between Peru and the country she represents with a visit to Peru between August 14 and 15.

One of Fairhead’s activities in the country is the exploration of opportunities for collaboration to boost Peru to close the infrastructure gap, focusing mainly on the reconstruction efforts after the natural disasters of 2017, the subway of the city of Lima, and the Pan American and Parapanamerican Games 2019.

“It should be remembered that the United Kingdom signed a Government-to-Government (G2G) agreement with Peru last year in order to provide technical advice to the Special Project of the Pan American and Parapanamerican Games Lima 2019”, the embassy informed on a press release yesterday.

The United Kingdom also hopes that the successful collaboration of both countries for the sportive events serve as a model for the management of large infrastructure projects in Peru.

The visit comes when the bilateral relationship between the two countries reaches a new peak, according to the press release. During her stay, the Baroness prioritized private meetings with the Prime Minister, César Villanueva; the Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Oliva; and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roger Valencia.

Finally, to end her visit, Fairhead launched one of the most important projects of the British Embassy in Peru, according to the information, called “Women Entrepreneurs – Betting on Growth.” This is launched within the framework of the economic empowerment of women and the education of girls and women around the world as a priority of the British government.

(Source: Press Release)
(Cover Photo: Press Release)

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