Movo, The App For Renting Electric Scooters Arrives In Peru


Movo, the moto-sharing company launched with the help of Cabify, a new micromobility service: electric scooters with a 35-kilometer load autonomy in Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Spain.

This initiative comes with the goal of substituting the possession of private cars.

“Through the Movo app, it will be possible to locate and unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code that is on the handlebar. The registration of the service is completely free and the price will be adapted to each country. Likewise, the scooters will be connected to a platform that allows their monitoring and location in real time”, said El Comercio.

Movo wants to provide a multimodal mobility alternative, sustainable and accessible to all citizens by the hand of Cabify. “We believe that it is in Latin America where we can generate a greater impact and lead the change towards a more sustainable, efficient and intelligent mobility as the main cities in the region present problems of vehicular congestion that force users to spend many hours of their time traveling short distances”, said Álvaro Pellejero, CO-Founder of Movo.

Meanwhile, the founder of Cabify, Juan de Antonio explained that “we are excited to accompany Movo in this adventure that has a direct effect: more mobility options available to more people”.

At the moment, Movo has been performing tests and its official launch will be within the next few weeks.

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