New “Pontifical” License Plate for Pope’s Visit


Pope Francis arrives today to Lima, and in his honor, the General Office of Land Transportation (Dirección General de Tráfico Terrestre), created a special “Pontifical” license plate.

As El Comercio relates, the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MTC) proposed this exceptional license plate with a design related to the Vatican City. The use of this identification is authorized exclusively for the vehicles that will be part of the retinue of His Holiness.

The license plates will be assigned during the dates that go from January 18 – 24. They will be allowed for use within 24 hours a day and in this period only.

The “Pontifical Plate” is exempt from taxes, costs, expenses and administrative rights that come from the manufacturer, expedition, and delivery of the item.

It is the General Office of Land Transportation the administration in charge of manufacturing and delivering the necessary license plates with the approved design and special codification.

The license plate will be exhibited by the vehicles that serve as a transport to Pope Francis during his visit to Peru.

The Pope will be on a tour for a total of three days. He arrives this afternoon and will go back to Rome on the 21st.

Francis will meet with indigenous tribes and natives from the Amazon, which is a first for any pontiff of the Catholic church so far. Nevertheless, his visit could be overshadowed by security concerns, protests, and church-related scandals.

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