Lima Celebrates 483 Years Today as Everyone Awaits Pope Francis


This Thursday, the capital city of Lima has arrived to 483 years of its foundation, and it coincidentally matches the arrival of Pope Francis to the country for a three-day visit.

Nevertheless, because of the activities that are scheduled for the Pope in several cities in Peru, the traditional “Serenata a Lima” won’t be taking place, due to security reasons.

Several streets in Lima’s historical center will remain closed during Pope Francis’ tour, including Plaza de Armas de Lima, a square where this traditional celebration has taken place in the past.

The information comes from the County of Lima a few days ago, and since Monday you can already see a strong police deployment and closed streets for vehicular traffic.

Some of the anniversary-related activities have been moved to Circuito Mágico del Agua, such as artistic presentations from groups and individual performers. These events will occur after 6:30 pm today.

In 1535, the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro baptized the conquered town with the name “Ciudad de Reyes”, which means “City of Kings”. He was then proclaimed Governor of the Peruvian territory. Today, every January 18, Peru commemorates the foundation of this town, known today as the country’s capital: Lima.

During the days prior to Lima’s anniversary you can assist to the Gran Gala Criolla and enjoy indigenous music from this region. The main event, which has been suspended this year, takes place in Plaza de Armas and you can enjoy of the “Serenata a Lima”, that is a musical medley that exalts the cultural characteristics of Peru.

Pope Francis will be arriving at 5:20 pm this afternoon to the Jorge Chávez airport and tomorrow he will leave for Puerto Maldonado where he has a set of activities scheduled, according to El Comercio.

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