Pope Francis to Arrive in Peru in the Midst of Church Scandals


This week, pope Francis will be arriving in Peru to meet with indigenous tribes and natives from the Amazon, which is a first for any pontiff of the Catholic church so far. Nevertheless, his visit could be overshadowed by security concerns, protests, and church-related scandals.


The Argentinian pope arrives today in Chile until the 18th when he leaves for Peru where he will remain for a total of three days before returning to Rome. He is expected to focus on the people who live in the margins of society, as well as the sick and poor, as usual.

Massive crowds will be expecting him from the moment of his arrival and at nearly every place he will visit.

It is known that pope Francis’ 21 scheduled speeches will center on issues like political corruption, human rights and clerical sex abuse. Still, many of the Catholic church’s leader’s critics in Peru accuse him of not doing enough when it comes to getting rid of sexual abuse inside the church and of not holding accountable bishops that have been involved in them, or that have covered up cases like these.


In Chile three homemade bombs have gone off in churches in Santiago last week as well as several threats to the pope.


Protests are expected to take place over a bishop whom pope Francis appointed in 2015, and who is accused of covering up sexual abuse by a priest between the 1980s and 1990s.


Some of the visits that are part of pope Francis’s schedule include: Mass at Lobito Beach in Iquique; Meeting with people of the Amazon at Madre de Dios stadium; Meeting with the people at the Jorge Basadre Institute; Visit to the Hogar Principito children’s home; Meeting with government authorities, members of civil society and the diplomatic corps in the courtyard of the presidential palace; Mass at Huanchaco Beach in Trujillo; and more.

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