Niño Costero: 50 Districts Receive Bonds for Reconstruction Works


These bonds have benefited more than 11 thousand families in Peru.

The terrible phenomenon named “Niño Costero” which unleashed terrible rains and floods that collapsed many houses in Peruvian communities has left many with uninhabitable homes. The Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation announced that, to date, 50 districts nationwide already have received Habitational Family Bonds.

Thus, within the framework of the Own Roof Program, those families who are looking for assistance to rebuild their homes will finally have the needed support. The total investment was of  S / 244.2 million. So far, regions that have received these bonds are Áncash, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Lima, and Piura.

The bonds have been delivered in the following districts:

  • Áncash: Casma, Huarmey, Chimbote, Coishco and Nuevo Chimbote (Santa).
  • La Libertad: Ascope and Santiago de Cao, El Porvenir, Víctor Larco Herrera, Huanchaco and Trujillo, Chao, Virú and Guadalupito.
  • Lambayeque: Chiclayo, Cayalti, Chongoyape, Eten, Eten Port, Monsefu, Nueva Arica, Picsi, Pimentel, Puerto Eten, Reque and Santa Rosa and Ferreñafe, Mochumi, Morrope and Tucume.
  • Lima: Supe (Barranca), Huaral and Lurigancho.
  • Piura: Chulucanas (Morropon), Paita, Castilla, Catacaos and Cura Mori.

Regarding progress in housing construction, the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation said that to date in Piura there is a progress of 39% in housing construction, in La Libertad, it is up to 38% progress, in Ancash 24% and Lambayeque 22%. The process of reconstruction of collapsed or uninhabitable houses is planned to culminate in 2018.

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