People March Against Corruption In Peru


At the cry of “out all of the corrupt ones”, thousands of Peruvians marched yesterday in several cities of Peru to express their outrage at the scandal of audios of judges negotiating sentences.

Slogans such as “united against corruption” and “all of the state institutions are rotten”, were read on some banners carried by protesters, explained La Prensa.

The scandal related to the recordings have already caused the resignation of the president of the Supreme Court and of the Supreme Court minister, as well as the suspension of the president of the National Office of Electoral Processes, Judge César Hinostroza Pariachi, and the vacancy procedure of the director Iván Noguera.

“Today we are in mourning, we are outraged by the aptitudes of corrupt politicians and the administration of justice,” an anonymous protester who carried a striking Peruvian flag painted in black instead of red, told the media, according to La Prensa.

In addition, Channel N estimated that there were about 10 thousand participants in yesterday’s march.

As for President Martín Vizcarra, he supported the protests and urged that they be peaceful. He then commented on his Twitter account that “we are acting firmly to build a more just and sovereign Peru, I understand and share the motivations of the public indignation against corruption, and I invite those who manifest themselves to do so in a peaceful manner and respecting the law”.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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