Peru Agro-Exports Revenue at $5.184 million USD; a Growth of 7.2%


Mango and quinoa among the most exported natural products.

Grapes are one of the most dynamic agro-exports in Peru. Peruvian agro-exports in 2016 were $4.833 million USD, a 300 millionUSD difference from 2017. According to the Association of Exporters (Adex), this was mainly due to higher shipments with added value.

In this regard, the manager of Agroexports of Adex, Paula Carrión, indicated that farmers are being guided in good agricultural practices, the use of certified seeds and the renewal of plantations to increase their exports.

“The capacities of the chain’s actors should be strengthened with specialized information that promotes innovation and competitiveness of companies,” she said.

In this regard, she explained that Adex will organize various events to favor the sector such as the 19th Agroexportador Lunch, the I Forum of Sustainable Development of Achiote, the X Expoalimentaria, among others.

Primary agricultural products reached 58 countries. The ones who led the ranking were the US (US $ 196 million 774 thousand), Germany (US $ 147 million 557 thousand) and Belgium (US $ 63 million 682 thousand) which have a 56.2% share. Others are Sweden, Canada, Colombia and Italy.

On the other hand, the agricultural-agroindustrial subsector reached $4.459 million USD (10% growth). The most outstanding products are the avocado ($576.93 million USD), grapes ($393.44 million USD) and asparagus, which together have a 29.9% share. They are followed by cranberry and other preparations used for animal feed.

Carrión highlighted the evolution of canned fruits, which added $1.8 million USD between January and November in 2016, reaching $16 million USD in the same period last year. Mangoes and peaches stood out in this presentation.

Do you think exports will keep increasing this year?

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