Peru Approves A Law Regulating Taxi Service Apps


The Peruvian Congress approved a bill that regulates taxi service apps, creating a National Registry of companies that operate in that area.

“The Plenary Session of the Congress approved (with 59 in favor and 14 abstentions) the substitute text of the bill that sets out to regulate the management companies of technological platforms of intermediation of the special transport service, taxi”, said the legislation.

The National Registry must be implemented by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) within 120 days of the enactment of the law, explained Sputnik News.

The aforementioned registry will have information about all the taxi companies for applications in the market, such as Uber or Easy Taxi, as well as the people who work as drivers must register their information.

On the other hand, companies will be administratively responsible for any damage to consumers during the use of the service, although they will not be liable for any civil and criminal offenses that are the strict responsibility of the drivers during the exercise of their work.

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