How Peru Celebrated the Day of the Creole Song (VIDEO)


A cheerful tradition occurs every October 31 here in Peru. With more than 70 years of history, the Day of Creole Song is a strong reminder of the country’s early folk roots.

“Let’s have the feeling of being alive in our music. Celebrate with soul, heart, and life, but with great prudence on the Day of the Creole Song,” said the president PPK during the speech given two days ago. It is worth mentioning the Day of the Creole Song is commemorated every October 31 in Peru thanks to a supreme resolution issued in 1944 by President Manuel Prado Ugarteche.

The following video shows how this day was celebrated at Mistura, the international fair that celebrates Peruvian food and traditional art.

There are registers stating the event was celebrated for the first time in 1944. For example, on October 31 of that year, at 6 a.m., the national pavilion was hoisted in the musical centers of Lima and Callao. Also, hours later, a mass was celebrated in the church of Carmen in memory of deceased composers, singers, and musicians.

Do you like creole music? What is your favorite song?

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