Peru Exported 144,000 Tons Of Sweet Onions In 2018


Peru exported 144,000 tons of sweet onions between January 2018 and the same month this year, which equals tot he same amount export the previous period.

The total of containers sent abroad was 6,000 with 24 tons each, according to information from Fresh Plaza.

“This was stated by the General Manager of Key Perú, Miguel Ognio Gómez, who said that of the total volume dispatched, 90% went to the United States and the rest to Europe and Latin America2, Fresh Plaza wrote.

In Peru, according to Ognio, there are around 3,5000 hectares dedicated to sweet onion cultivation, and the main producing regions are Lima and Ica.

“He also explained that sweet onion is a niche product; however, it is increasingly difficult for the producer to make a profit since production costs are on the rise, but the sale price has a tendency to fall”, Fresh Plaza said, adding that there are 30 companies in the country dedicated to this production.

(Cover Photo Pixnio)

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