Peru Has 186 Animal Species In Danger Of Extinction


Peru has 186 animal species in danger of extinction, including 64 in critical danger. This was revealed by the “Red Book of the Endangered Wildlife of Peru”, presented by the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (Serfor) at the International Fair of the Book (FIL) of Lima.

“The publication, the result of a long and meticulous work of researchers and specialists from the public and private sector, also includes a list of 203 animals in a situation of vulnerability due to the decrease in their population”, said Andina News Agency.

The list of threatened species includes 120 amphibians, 122 birds, 23 invertebrates, 92 mammals and 32 reptiles in some of the three categories. The book also adds the justification of its conservation status, its distribution, its main threats and the recommendations to reduce these threats, for each species.

Some of the threats these species face are related to the loss and degradation of the habitat, their capture for illegal trade, and the presence of invasive alien species.

Andina explains that the book will also serve as a tool for the authorities to establish and apply public policies that will ensure the conservation and responsible use of biodiversity and ecosystems.

“It will also be useful for researchers and for citizens to know the richness of Peru’s wildlife and its fragility, which is why we must protect them,” they wrote.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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