Peru Inaugurates Its Largest Wind Power Park


Yesterday, the Minister of Energy and Mines (MEM), Francisco Ísmodes inaugurated the largest wind power park in Peru, which will be capable of generating energy equivalent to what 482,000 families consume.

Under a contract of a 20-year supply signed by the Ministry of Energy and Mines with the company Enel Green Power Peru, and an investment of $165 million US dollars, the Wayra I park was installed at a capacity of 132 megawatts in Marcona, Ica.

“In this way, Peru advances in the generation of renewable energies”, said Andina News Agency, adding that it will help distribute clean and green electricity produced by wind force.

The capacity of this power park is of 605 gigawatts per hour and it has a total of 42 wind turbines. With it, the State seeks to guarantee the permanent supply of electricity to the population, according to information from Andina.

The energy that Wayra I will produce will avoid the annual emission of approximately 285 thousand tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Also, the park was built with reused materials and has ecological furniture, as well as a treatment of wastewater, which was possible by using the “Sustainable Construction Site” model. Ísmodes invited companies to invest in this or similar construction models that are social and environmentally responsible for Peru and the planet.

A wind park or farm consists of a group of wind turbines that are used to produce electricity.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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