Peru Stands Out in Employment, Green Energy and Public Debt


The Land of the Incas is in the 14th place among emerging countries regarding social inclusion.

According to the Inclusive Development Index (IDI) of the World Economic Forum (WEC), Peru is among the first countries with emerging economies in matters such as employment, use of green energy and public debt.

The IDI also said that Peru is also moving forward in terms of per capita income, health and life expectancy, and one of the reasons could be related to the lowering of unemployment rates, said César Peñaranda, executive director of the Institute of Economy and Business Development of Lima’s Chamber of Commerce (CCL), to El Peruano.

“Peru appears with a low unemployment index. If we take a look at the statistics, we have an 8%, which means that 92% of the economically active population is employed”, Peñaranda declared to El Peruano.

Nevertheless, Peñaranda explained that 74% of this employment is informal and does not come along with social benefits.

Regarding the emission of carbon dioxide that the productive activity generates, the CCL executive director said that it is very low since the energy that Peru uses comes from gas or petroleum. “This helps the development sustainability”, he explained.

Peñaranda also told El Peruano that in terms of public debt, Peru has managed to sustain a low level in terms of Gross Domestic Product, which he considers to be “significantly low” in comparison with other emerging economies.

The World Economic Forum also located Peru in the 14th place among the emerging countries regarding social inclusion. The country is surpassed in Latin America by Panama (6th place), Uruguay (8th place), and Chile (9th place).

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