Peru Increases Chocolate Exports by 20%


Between January and November 2017 Peru managed to export a total of $6.95 million dollars in chocolate, an amount that is growing because of the product’s high quality.

Peru’s chocolate has been awarded several times in different contests abroad which have caused for the exports of this product to boost up to 20% between January and November 2017.

The Agroexports Management of the Association of Exporters (Adex) informed Gestión that in this period the chocolate exportations added to a total of $6.95 million US dollars when in the same period in 2016 it was only of $8.34 million dollars.

Paula Carrión, Manager of Adex, pointed out that Peru is achieving more recognition in the different chocolate contests around the world because of its high quality.

“For example, during the finals of the International Chocolate Awards in 2017 in the U.S.A., the country obtained 28 medals in different categories”, Carrión explained. She also assured that the chocolate types that had more demand were the ones with 55% and 70% of cocoa.

Currently, Peru is exporting cocoa to 26 different countries around the world, but only 70% of that goes to the United States, followed by Canada and Chile.

Some of the companies that are leading the chocolate market, according to Adex, are Machu Picchu Foods, Cooperativa Agraria Industrial Naranjill, Industrias Alimenticias Cusco and Importadora y Exportadora Doña Isabel.

Nevertheless, these are only the companies that export the most of Peruvian chocolate, but in total there are 62 industries shipping this product abroad.

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