Peru Is In The Process Of Accelerating Its Digitization Process


According to a study by Cisco and Gartner Research, Peru ranked ninth in the Global Survey on Digital Readiness. In the sample, 118 countries of the world were considered, of which 19 were from Latin America, said El Comercio today.

“Among the seven analyzed values, Peru obtained its highest score in Business Foundation, occupying the 5th place in the region and the 61st place in the world”, the media informed. Peru’s lowest level is in the category of Technological Infrastructure and Basic Needs, in which it was ranked 13th in Latin America and 61th worldwide.

This study also concluded that the entire continent of South America is in the Acceleration stage and has a level of readiness for basic or intermediate digital transformation. They also highlighted the need for Peru to improve the living conditions of the population to ensure a greater technological access.

Some of the improvements the country needs, regarding technology, are the access to fixed broadband, telephone subscriptions, and network services.

“As we understand how technology rapidly changes our work and our daily lives, we can take better advantage of it to maximize social inclusion,” said Diana Tamashiro, CSR Manager – Cisco Andean Countries, according to El Comercio.

Countries that are in the Acceleration Stage like Peru, he said, are able to take better advantage of digital technology and are ready to increase their pace of innovation.

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