Peru Leads Non-Traditional Exports In The Pacific Alliance


The Central Reserve Bank (BCR) reported that the cumulative growth of exports of non-traditional products between June 2017 and May this year was 12.5%.

The figure is above the countries that make up the Pacific Alliance (Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico), according to information from El Comercio.

During this period Colombia recorded a growth of 12.2%, followed by Chile with 10%, and Mexico with 9.2%.

“In Brazil, which is not part of the group, non-traditional exports grew 7.8%”, the media informed.

These exports had a value that increased 15.1% in May due to the higher sales of fish, agricultural, chemical and textile products.

“The BCR noted that there were higher sales of frozen squid, preserved squid, fresh avocados, sulfuric acid, fresh mangoes, organic bananas, frozen fruits, zinc products and copper wire”, according to El Comercio.

Likewise, the volume shipped of non-traditional products increased by 6.8% in the fifth month of the year. This, as a result of greater shipments in the fishing sector (49.6%) and the agricultural sector (6.5%), among others.

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