Peru Plans to Export 25% More Bananas in 2018


The country is planning to export 10,400 containers of bananas this year, which is 25% more than what was exported in 2017, said the president of the National Banana Board (JNB), Valentín Ruíz Delgado, according to Fresh Plaza.

This amount of containers Peru wants to export will translate into approximately 200 per week. Last year the total exported was of 8,320 containers, which meant 160 every week.

This increase is due to the recovery of the banana plantations that were affected by El Niño Costero, sais Ruíz Delgado.

Some of the effects this natural phenomenon caused were plant stress, growth retardation, early ripening, root rot, and falling of plants, explained the JNB president.

He also mentioned that among the the main markets for Peruvian bananas are United States, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Russia, and Japan, according to information from Fresh Plaza.

Ruíz Delgado also that “the country needs to ensure the availability of water resources to develop the banana sector”. Things like field irrigation every two months are not enough, according to him. It should be at least every 20 days to increase the production, but water supply in Piura must be ensured.

Another fruit that is rising in exportation is the blueberry, which reached up to $361 million dollars in 2017, displacing Canada and the United States in the Chinese market.

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