Peru Will Begin To Age More Rapidly In 2030


While Peru still has a low rate of dependency, that is more people working over those who don’t, this situation will be over soon, according to the general manager of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), Renzo Rossini.

Rossini told Gestión that he believes that in addition to thinking about combating poverty and informality, the demographic bonus should be considered.

“The dependency rate is already falling. In 2030 the window of opportunity is over, from there on Peru begins to age more rapidly. We have a load of people who will no longer be in the labor market, or will have to be in the labor market in a forced way,” he said during the Sustainable Development event in 2021, organized by CIES, according to the aforementioned source.

A solution suggested by Rossini is for the country to grow at a better rate and generate more jobs. “The State should facilitate the hiring of young people”, he indicated.

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