Peru Will Stop Giving Temporary Permission To Venezuelans


The Government of Peru will stop giving the Temporary Permit of Permanence (PTP) to Venezuelans, after having received almost half a million of these citizens.

According to an announcement that President Martin Vizcarra did on Tuesday, the Peruvian government will also evaluate if it is able to continue receiving more immigrants from that country.

“In a meeting with the Foreign Press Association in Peru (APEP), Vizcarra confirmed that only Venezuelans who do the request before December 31 and who have arrived in the country before Wednesday, October 31, will be given residence”, Gestión said.

The Peruvian president said that his country is at the limit of its capacity and cannot continue granting more temporary residence permits indefinitely.

In addition, the president indicated that, once the deadline to request the PTP has expired, his Government will evaluate if it is possible to reopen it again so that more Venezuelans can apply for residency in Peru.

“From the 31st (October) we have to make an assessment, we have to look for a balance between solidarity and the real possibility of giving help to them and our compatriots,” he said.

He also added that “when the first 10,000 and 20,000 arrived, there was no major inconvenience, (…) after 200,000 there was an effect on the supply of services required in health and education, and now there are half a million”, Vizcarra said.

On the situation in Venezuela, Vizcarra reiterated the commitment of the Peruvian Government, through the Lima Group, to “look for any mechanism to get Venezuela back to the path of democracy”.

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