“Peru’s Biggest Hug”: Event For Suicide Prevention


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) organized the event “Peru’s Biggest Hug”, which took place this Sunday, September 16, as part of the campaign being carried out by the aforementioned portfolio to prevent suicide.

This event was attended by families, athletes, students, health personnel and institutions, which gathered from 10:00 am, on block 51 of Arequipa Avenue, where a wave of hugs was formed to strengthen the emotional bond and protect mental health.

“The Minister of Health, Silvia Pessah considered that the hug ‘is a word of affection, a word of listening, it is a reflection’, informed Diario Correo.

Pessah also recommended to the parents to always pay special attention to their children. “We must be very attentive to our children, talk to them, leave their cell phone at the side when we are having lunch or eating together, there are spaces to listen and to reflect”, she said to the media.

“It should be remembered that in Peru there are a thousand suicides a year”, wrote Diario Correo, explaining that the main cause is depression and it can be prevented in time with proper care.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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