Peruvian Government plans to deliver 27,500 housing bonds


Jorge Arévalo, Vice Minister of Housing and Urbanism in Peru, has announced that among the objectives of this year are to deliver a total of 27,5000 housing bonds throughout the Mivivienda Fund for the acquisition of new houses.

“Our goal is to deliver 13,500 housing bonds for families, accompanied by credits”, explained Arévalo to El Peruano. “Also, we will deliver 14,000 bonds, without credit, under the program Techo Propio Vivienda Nueva”, he added.

Arévalo told El Peruano that the bonds that come with credits will allow to receive mortgage loans with amounts higher than 1,000 million soles. He also explained that other 20,000 housing bonds will be given in the modality of construction on site.

Jorge Arévalo, who is also President of the Mivivienda Fund, said that 60% of the credits coming from this fund will go to the metropolitan area in Lima. Also, that 25% of them will be awarded to the northern region of Peru, and 15% to the rest of the country.

“We don’t want to be only in Lima and the northern region”, Arevalo says, “we want to go in the jungle and the southern parts of the country, which are growing more every day with a thriving middle class that has better income and needs a better quality home”, he concluded.

He also spoke about the 5.3 million soles invested in fixing the sewage system in the province of Trujillo, collapsed because of the natural phenomenon El Niño Costero last year.

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