Places You Should Visit Before Machu Picchu


Peru offers tons of history, nature, mysticism and much more, but it’s not only about Machu Picchu, there are so many more places to visit before you get to this popular destination.

Kuélap, also known as “The Other Machu Picchu” is a place you should get to know. It consists of a fortress located in the Luya province in the Amazon and it has stone constructions that reach up to 20 meters high.

This place also offers archaeological constructions in the mountains shaped like animals, humans or geometrically. To get there you will need to take a cable car, five minutes away from Nuevo Tingo.

Then, there is Choquequirao, located in the regions of Cusco and Apurímac. This place is also known as “Machu Picchu’s sacred sister”. Here you can do trekking, camping, and enjoy an amazing view.

To get to Choquequirao you need to walk for about 4 or 5 days from the town of Cachora, which is 4 hours away from Cusco.

Rúpac is another destination you must visit. It is called the “Lima’s Machu Picchu” and it is one of the favorite places to go to for those that want to refresh with new energy. To get here you will need to travel first to Huaral.

Finally, there is the archaeological complex of Sondor. Located 21 kilometers northwest of Andahuaylas, visitors can enjoy history, nature, and a high concentration of energy, according to El Comercio.

“Keep in mind that the road to these tourist attractions is not easy and that every traveler should have a good physical resistance since long walks can play a trick on you during the journey”, said El Comercio, regarding these touristic adventures in Peru.

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