Practice 10 Different Adventure Sports In Cusco


Through a directorial resolution, the practice of adventure tourism was authorized in 103 places in 13 provinces of Cusco, based on a proposal presented by the Directorate of Tourism of Dircetur on June 25 of this year.

Among the forms of adventure tourism contemplated to practice in Cusco, Rosendo Baca Palomino, director of the Dircetur (Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism), mentioned 10, including the zip line, activity in which three people died this year, informed El Comercio today.

The ten sports that are authorized in Cusco are:

Bungee jumping, which consists of throwing yourself from a high altitude of a few hundred meters and with an elastic tied to your knees or ankles. It can be practiced in the districts of Limatambo (Anta); Santa Teresa (La Convención); Puacarbamba (Urubamba).

Horseback riding that can be done in Limatambo, Mollepata (Anta); Santa Teresa (La Convención); Lamay, Calca y Lares (Calca); Coporaque Suykutambo (Espinar); Ocongate (Quispicanchi), Pitimarca (Canchis); Ollantaytambo, Maras and Chinchero (Urubamba).

Cycling in the mountains. It is considered a high-risk practice because of the narrow roads through forests and very steep hills. In Cusco you can enjoy of archaeological circuits and arrive to several villages. It can be practiced in Pomacanchi (Acomayo); Mollepata (Anta); Cusco, San Sebastián y Ccorcca (Cusco); Calca, Pisaq, Lares and Lamay (Calca); Lucre (Quispicanchi); Ccosñipata (Paucartambo); Huanoquite y Paruro (Paruro); Santa Teresa (La Convención); Ollantaytambo, Huayllabamba, Urubamba, Maras and Chinchero (Urubamba).

Climbing on walls. It can be done in Santa Teresa (La Convención); Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero (Urubamba).

Kayaking in the water, which can be done in Pomacanchi (Acomayo); Limatambo (Anta); Huambutio (Calca); Suykutambo y Coporaque (Espinar); Santa Teresa y Santa María (La Convencion); Huanoquite (Paruro); Cusipata y Urcos (Quispicanchi); Ollantaytambo, Chinchero and Maras (Urubamba).

Paragliding and having fun in the air. You can do this in Chinchero, Maras, Huayllabamba (Urubamba); Anta, Ancahuasi and Limatambo (Anta).

Rappel down vertical surfaces. This can be practiced in Ccorcca (Cusco); Suykutambo y Coporaque (Espinar); Cachimayo (Anta), Chinchero and Urubamba (Urubamba).

Zip lining on steel cables at a very high speed while enjoying the surrounding views. You can do this in Cusco y Ccorcca (Cusco); Santa Teresa (La Convención); Yaurisque (Paruro); Huayllabamba and Ollantaytambo (Urubamba).

Canyoning. This sport consists of descending canyons by following a river flow. You combine swimming and climbing to overcome the different obstacles. You can do this in Limatambo (Anta); Santa Teresa (La Convención).

Speleology for those who like to explore underwater caverns, volcanic caverns, or di karst caving. You can practice it in Yanaoca (Canas) and Livitaca (Chumvibilcas).

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