PUCP Builds The First Submarine Robots In Peru


Teachers and students of the Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) are building submarine robots for sea investigation, wrote Andina News Agency.

The first finished robots are already serving several industries in the country, the news agency explained.

A group of engineers on the Universidad Católica del Perú have developed these submarines to get more knowledge about the ocean floors for investigative purposes.

The submarine robots have already been tested by professionals from the Sea Institute of Peru (Instituto del Mar del Perú, Imarpe) and from the Sernamp in the seas of Ica” wrote Andina, adding that they can reach up to 100 meters deep, which is an inaccessible distance for scuba divers.

Among the robots that have been designed so far, there are three that reach the bottom of the sea and other three that work in more superficial waters.

The investigator from PUCP and Chief of the Center of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Francisco Cuellar, told Andina that the construction of these robots began in 2013. He also revealed that they are capable of capturing videos in real time, measure water parameters and record submarine sounds.

Andina also informed that the superficial robots are for bathymetry tasks and for creating 3D profiles at the bottom of lakes and rivers. “Submarine robots are solicited by the fishing industry because it reaches places where scuba divers can’t get to”, the media said.

These robots can substitute the high costs of experienced scuba divers, according to the students and teachers of PUCP.

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