Remains Of A Woman From Ancient Times Found Untouched


On November 2016, archaeologist Clarisa Otero and her team unearthed the remains of a woman found in a fetal position and wrapped in blankets tied with ropes. Experts believe that her skeleton was never moved and has remained in the same spot since the day she died, until now.

What is unique about this discovery is that the Spaniards never arrived at this region where the remains were found: Pucará. “The Pucará resisted the conquistadors for six decades”, La Nación explained, one of the reasons “the scientists believe that the young woman could have taken refuge there during a period of maximum political tension”, they continued.

According to the studies, the skeleton belonged to a woman in her thirties, which was considered an advanced age at the time. It is believed she was born elsewhere and arrived at the Quebrada in her teens. “Due to the state of the remains and the objects that accompanied them, it can be deduced that she may have occupied a prominent position in her society,” the aforementioned media wrote.

The Pucará was the capital of this Inca province,” Otero explained, “although [the search for human remains from that era]is not our priority (…) this discovery gives a lot of information about the fall of the empire that extended from the south of Colombia to Santiago de Chile”, she continued.

So far, more than 20 scientists have worked on these findings and have put together an exciting puzzle based on different key elements.

“The cause of death cannot be determined,” said Otero, “but the condition of the remains is impeccable. Without traces of osteoporosis, she has complete dentition and only four cavities, so she must have been a well-nourished and healthy person”, she continued.

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