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Dear all,

Last Saturday, November 25 I spent the whole day at Colegio Roosevelt, which had been so kind to let TEDxTukuy use their performance center to create a fantastic learning day for approx. 450 executives, teachers, students, artists, professionals – anyone interested in learning something new.
 In between the 12 live talks, we also saw a couple of TED videos recorded in different places around the world, which you can enjoy at TED.com or YouTube.
One of the videos, “Violence against women – it’s a men’s issue” by Jackson Katz was a huge eyeopener to most of the participants and his message went straight into people’s brains and hearts, as an important message to take seriously and act on.
That same Saturday was also the day where thousands of women took to the streets of Peru to shout out “Ni Uno Mas” – a wake-up call to all violent men, who unfortunately can’t control themselves. In the last couple of years more than 10 women a week were killed in Peru and thousands were battered.
THIS MUST STOP NOW and this video gives you a few tips on how you can influence, impact and help stop violence against women and children for that matter.
It is not your duty to watch this video, but it is everyone’s responsibility to help stop violence against any human being. That said, it is an EXCELLENT video, which I encourage you to watch.

(Video Youtube)
“The Euphoria of Watching Peru Qualify for the World Cup for the First Time In Thirty-Five Years” is the title of one of the best football stories I’ve watched after Peru won its first access to the World Cup 2018 in Russia.
Enjoy Daniel Alarcón’s story starting back in 1986, when he was just 9 years old and living in Birmingham, Alabama, USA and since then has prayed that Peru one day again would return to the World Cup. Great Story – Enjoy!
(Photo: Facebook)
An hour or so from the throng of tourism around Cuzco, the Andean communities in Calca Provence get on with their lives. If you have ever visited the region you will have been touched by the hospitality of people and the joy of the children who smile and wave as you pass by. But despite their happy dispositions life is not always easy for these remote rural communities which are among some of the most economically disadvantaged groups in Peru; according to the World Bank, the rural poverty rate in the country is as high as 54 percent.
The Ashram Valle Sagrado near Calca has been quietly doing their bit to integrate with and support the rural people who live in the area since they arrived over a decade ago. One of their initiatives is the Christmas Day breakfast, an idea that started with ten local children and now attracts over 180. The intention is a simple one; the ashram provides a breakfast of panettone and hot chocolate plus space for the children to play, sing carols and songs in Quechua. When the morning comes to an end the children leave with small gifts, clothes and food parcels.
While the day provides an opportunity for the children to share together and be carefree, it also fosters a sense of self-esteem among the communities – a feeling that they too have a right to have a holiday and to celebrate.
This year our group from London held two Gatherings at the Ashram and saw first-hand how hard they work to give back to the locals. As a non-profit organization, they now need support to accommodate the growing number of children who are showing up every Christmas.
I want to end today’s newsletter with my favorite song of 2017 –  “Himalaya” by SAVEUS featuring Martin Hoberg Hedegaard, who has an incredible voice. I love this song.
Hope you enjoyed this song as much as I did – If you want more check out Hugo Helmvig with “Don’t lie to me” and “Off to see the World” by Lukas Graham, which is a huge hit worldwide.

Have a great weekend!



Originally from Denmark, Carsten returned to Peru in 2002 with his wife and eldest son. He started LivinginPeru.com in 2005, among other ventures in Peru. Before this, Carsten has worked in tourism, living in France, Sicily, and the U.S., and promoted bands like Metallica, Def Leppard and U2 for PolyGram Records (now Universal Music). Carsten loves pisco sours, Peru’s cuisine, and traveling with his family within Peru, a country that he believes is the land of opportunities.