Saturday Morning Coffee with Mr. Living in Peru: Peru Ties with New Zealand!


Dear Friends,

Did you catch the match last night between Peru and New Zealand?  My guess is yes and you too saw that our boys tied. Now if they want to go to Russia 2018 they will have to win the second match. Thankfully their next game is back in Peru, at our National Stadium.

So what happened?

After weeks of tension caused by the sanction received by the captain of the team, Paolo Guerrero (in this link you can read more information about Paolo’s anti-doping test and the sanction he received), Peru finally played the first match of the two matches that represent their last chance to qualify  to the World Cup.

Sadly, no goals were scored during the 93 minutes the match lasted leaving the board 0 – 0.

The ever-dedicated FPF fans!

Although Peru was very close to scoring a few times, New Zealand’s defense was not weak at all and did not allow the team to prepare a good attack that could finally cause the goal putting them closer to qualifying for Russia 2018. The most remarkable play was a dangerous shot kicked by Farfan (who replaced Guerrero in the match as read in this article) but the ball was stopped by New Zealand’s ball keeper.

It is worth mentioning that Peru earned one valuable point by tying against Colombia thanks to an impressive goal scored by Paolo (read the article here) that put them on the list of countries with one last chance to qualify for Russia 2018 along with New Zealand.

Now, with this result, Peru needs to win the second match that is to be played here in Peru this coming Wednesday 15 in order to assure their place in the World Cup 2018. It is worth mentioning this would be a historic achievement after 36 years of not being able to qualify for the international championship.

What do you expect from the second match?

Do you think Peru will be able to win?


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Until next time,

CK 😉



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