Spanish Companies Will Increase Investments In Peruvian Economy


The Spanish investment in Peru represents today about $15 billion US dollars, according to Alberto Almendres, president of Spain’s Chamber of Commerce, and the European country wishes to increase that number.

“These capitals are present in economic areas such as telecommunications, energy, construction, engineering, transport, hotels, among others”, he said in an interview with El Peruano.

Almendres also informed that the recent King’s visit to the South American country is a reaffirmation of how important Peru is to Spain. “The companies of the European country have been in the Peruvian market for many years and will continue to do so because they are already part of the social fabric”, he said.

In the interview, he also added that Spain can collaborate in many fields, such as infrastructure and tourism and he believes that more investments will come, especially for certain niches.

According to El Peruano, the president of Spain’s Chamber of Commerce said that Peru is a potential “tiger” in Latin America since it has broad space for development in various sectors of the economy.

He also considered in the interview that free trade is the road to country’s development, and the current trade tension between the United States and China, with protectionist measures by the US administration, does not help trade and global development.

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