The State takes Legal Measures to Protect Natural Areas in Chaparrí


New legal measures will be taken by the Peruvian State to protect the nature, flora, and fauna of the private conservation area of Chaparrí that has been threatened by land traffickers that have degraded approximately 120 hectares of the 34,400 of the region, says El Peruano.

Elsa Galarza, Minister of the Environment (Minam), regretted the crimes committed in Chaparrí and informed that up this day there are three criminal processes taking place because of improper use of farming land and illegal logging.

“The Ministry’s monitoring the situation in Chaparrí and is doing a coordinated job with the competent authorities to preserve the wildlife that it has, like the bear (oso andino de anteojos) and the pava aliblanca”, Galarza said, according to El Peruano.

Galarza also pointed out that since July 2017, when the problems in this region became known, as a consequence of land trafficking, her team got together with the National Forest and Fauna Service (Sefor), the National Water Authority (ANA), the Specialized Prosecution in Environmental Matters, the National Police of Peru, community members, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Environmental Crimes, to avoid the annulment of the recognition of this area as a private conservation region in Chaparrí, which was recognized by the government in 2001.

The Judicial Power will initiate investigations against the people responsible for these crimes and for land trafficking in Chaparrí, according to information from El Peruano.

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