Take a Look at “La Dama de Los Cuatro Tupus”

(Photo by El Comercio)

The facial reconstruction work lasted two months and was led by Brazilian 3D designer Cícero Moraes.

The Brazilian 3D designer, Cícero Moraes, emphasized that this is the result of the application of new technologies for forensic facial reconstruction.

Today the reconstructed face of the so-called “Dama de Los Cuatro Tupus” was revealed. Her remains were found in the Áspero’s Archaeological Complex, a fishing settlement of the Caral civilization, in the province of Barranca, in the north of Lima. This is one of the most important discoveries in the last few years.

The mystery of the way the face would look like was finally revealed yesterday in a press conference, thanks to 3D technology.

Cícero Moraes explained that they took two months to complete the task and that they coordinated everything with Caral’s archaeologists.

Moraes also said that this achievement was possible thanks to the institutional cooperation agreement signed in May of this year by the Caral Archaeological Zone and the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University.

The Brazilian designer, who also performed the facial reconstruction of Santa Rosa de Lima, San Martin de Porres, the Lord of Sipan and the Lady of K’anamarka, said that this was a particularly difficult case because this female character had a deformation in the left structure of her face.

What do you think about this reconstruction work?

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