Tremor In Tumbes Leaves No Victims Or Damages

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Last night at 9:12 pm, Peruvian time, a tremor was felt in the city of Zarumilla in Tumbes, with a magnitude of 6.4 degrees. It didn’t cause any victims or material damages, according to information from the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP), cited by Trome.

Also, almost at the same time, different earthquakes occurred in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama.

“For its part, the Geophysical Institute of Ecuador reported that there was an earthquake of magnitude 6.6 degrees in the town of Chimborazo without informing of personal misfortunes or material damage”, Trome informed, adding that it was also felt in the cities of Quito, Ambato and Guayaquil.

In Chile, the National Seismological Center reported that an earthquake of magnitude 5, 8 degrees has been recorded, and on the border between Colombia and Panama there was a tremor of 5.8 degrees. No damage has been reported yet.

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