Uros Floating Islands Now Have Electric Power


Uros floating islands in the middle of Lake Titicaca now enjoy of electric power due to the installation of solar panels.

According to information from El Peruano, this will benefit 800 families and will improve their quality of life.

The Minister of Energy and Mines (MEM), Francisco Ísmodes, inaugurated this project and said that “we know the importance of having electricity service to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of remote areas of the country; therefore, the Government is developing this type of work to cover this basic need”.

The minister also believes that this event should be celebrated because the solar energy will bring light in the people’s homes in Uros, which will also translate into the preservation of their history and culture, that are valuable to the country.

“The solar panels will provide electrical power to meet basic needs such as lighting, cell phone charging, radio and television”, El Peruano said.

Rita Suaña, mayor of the Uros community, added that now, thanks to the installation of solar panels at several spots in Lake Titicaca, the children of this community will be able to study and their parents work on their handicrafts at night.

(Cover Photo Pexels)

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