Venezuelans in Peru: January 23 is the Deadline to Apply for Temporary Residency


Next Tuesday, January 23, the deadline to apply for the Temporary Residency Permit (Permiso de Residencia Temporal, PTP) expires for those Venezuelans that entered Peru before July 31, 2017. This will allow them to normalize their migratory status, informed the National Superintendence of Migrations to America TV.

Because of the difficulties that Venezuelans are going through in their own country, and in the search of a better life, around 25,000 of them have migrated to Peru and applied for the PTP so far.

This has taken place thanks to the Supreme Decree N° 002-2017-IN, from which more than 11,000 Venezuelan citizens that entered the country legally before February 2, 2017, have benefited already. In a second stage of the process, the Supreme Decree N° 023-2017-IN allows for every Venezuelan that entered Peru before July 31, 2017 to apply for this temporary residency.

Until the first week of January, 2018, around 13,000 had already applied, and the deadline has been set for the 23rd.

To obtain the PTP permit, Venezuelans need to have entered the country regularly before July 31, 2017; not have a criminal record nationally or internationally; and they must be in an irregular migratory situation because of the expiration of their residence permit, or other causes.

The PTP document will allow the beneficiaries to obtain a formal job, as well as a RUC (Registro Único de Contribuyentes) to pay for taxes. They will also be able to access educational, health, and banking services with it.

Whoever is interested can enter the website and schedule an appointment.

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