Why Was It Said That Jauja, Peru Was Paradise?


Jauja is a city in Junín, which is located in central Peru at about 250 km away from Lima very rich in natural and cultural resources and when the Spaniards arrived there they thought they had reached paradise.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), an organization that elaborates norms for the Spanish language, “jauja” denotes everything you want to present as a type of prosperity and abundance.

In Peru, phrases like “you were not in Jauja”; “go to Jauja”; “country of Jauja”, or “this is Jauja!” have emerged through time, referring to the paradisiac-looking place.

The expression “That’s Jauja!” arose in the sixteenth century with the meaning of an ideal place. “At the moment when the Spaniards arrived in America, an ideal of happy places, utopias, existed in the imaginary, in Europe that was called the country of Cucaña,” explained Peruvian historian Carlos Hurtado Ames to El Comercio.

The historian of the National University of Trujillo, Peru said that what was special about Jauja back then were the many riches found in this place, which was called Jatunsausa at that time.

“Jatunsausa was an Inca city that had, say the chroniclers, a replica of the Qoricancha (which in Quechua means” golden temple”), in addition to a garden of gold, with plants, animals, shepherds, etc. It dazzled”, he said informing also about the fact that Jauja became Peru’s first capital after the Spaniards arrived.

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