Yesterday Two Simultaneous Quakes Shook Peru


Two medium-intensity earthquakes shook the north-eastern jungle and the south coast of Peru almost simultaneously yesterday.

The local seismology institute reported no casualties or damages, according to information from Panorama.

“The largest movement reached 5.2 degrees and was registered in the Alto Amazonas region, near the border with Ecuador, said the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP)”, informed the aforementioned media.

The earthquake occurred at 3:44 pm with its epicenter in the Pastaza region, and at 88 kilometers deep, where the Santiago-Comaina nature reserve is located.

Another quake, but of magnitude 4.3 degrees, occurred one minute later, at 3:45 pm in Ica, a region of the south coast of the country.

The IGP noted that the epicenter took place 45 kilometers southwest of the city of Ica, at a depth of 45 km.

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