Crime Decreased in Peru in 2017, Compared to the Previous Year


Some of the most common crimes that took place in 2017 in Peru were robbery and fraud.

The National Statistics and Computing Institute (INEI) informed that during the semester July – December of 2017, 25.5% of the population of 15 years and older was a victim of some sort of crime, which makes it 1.5% percent less than in the same period of the previous year.

The institute also informed through a Technical Report of Citizen Safety, elaborated with the results of the National Poll of Budget Programs, that in cities with a population over 20 thousand people, 27.8% were a victim of a crime, which makes it 2% less than 2016.

Crime has also decreased in cities between 2,000 and 20,000 people in about 0.3% less, compared to the previous year.

This report also explains that, according to the data, more women suffered from a crime than men, specifically in 25.6% and 25.4%, respectively.

Among the most common crimes that have taken place are robberies of money, wallets, and cell phones. This occurred, according to INEI, in 13 out of a hundred people nationally in urban places.

The second crime that affected the most the population over 15 years of age during this period was fraud. In large cities, about 20,000 people suffered from this, which translates into 6 out of every hundred people.

It’s important to point out that only 14.5% of the affected victims filed a complaint with the legal forces, which is more than in 2016 in 2.5%.

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(Source: INEI)
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