Video Of The Week: 3 Peruvian Orchids You Should Know About


Whether you’re ascending a cobblestone trail to Machu Picchu or wandering the streets of a jungle town in Amazonas, Peruvian orchids are sure to be close by.

Of the more than 3,000 species of orchid that exist Peru, these are the three Peruvian orchids we think you should know about.

Be on the lookout for these three orchids during your visit to Peru and let us know in the comments below which of these orchids you’re most looking forward to seeing up close and in person. Or, better yet, what Peruvian orchids did we leave out that you would have included?

For more on Peru’s beautiful orchids and where to find them, check out our article, “Peru: A Natural Paradise Of Orchids.”

Cover Art: Pixabay



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