4 Peruvian Artists Will Exhibit Their Work At The Gaudí Art Gallery In Madrid


As a prelude to the 2019 edition of ARCOmadrid, a fair that this year will have Peru as a guest country, four national artists will travel to Spain to exhibit in one of the main Iberian galleries: The Gaudí Art Gallery.

“The Gaudí Art Gallery will host from Thursday, February 7 until the next 23, the exhibition ‘QHICHWA SIMI’, which shows the work of four Peruvian artists: Charo Artadi, Elke McDonald, Marissa Castro and Leslie Osterling.

“Qhichwa simi” means “the language of the valley” and, according to Charo Artadi, who is also the curator of the exhibition, should be understood “as part of an Inca system of language designation according to the geographical area in which they were functional”, explained El Comercio.

As for Artadi, this artist presents the jungle of Peru called ‘wanay’, in which he mixes the colors of his land and the memories of his childhood; Elke McDonald represents the mountain also called ‘sallqa’; Marissa Castro the coast or ‘chala’, and Leslie Osterling tells the history of Peru through photographs of each of the three regions.

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