These are the 6 Peruvian Millionaires Listed in Forbes


The president of the Intercorp group, Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor, is the first Peruvian on this year’s Forbes list, ranking 679.

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is the richest person in the world with a fortune of $112,000 million US dollars, according to the latest annual ranking of Forbes magazine. But the list also includes 6 entrepreneurs from Peru, wrote Gestión today.

This a list that Forbes has been producing for 32 years and includes 2,208 people that have more than $1,000 million US dollars this year. From Latin America you will find 42 Brazilians, 16 Mexicans, 11 Chileans, 9 Argentines, 6 Peruvians, 3 Colombians and 2 Venezuelans.

The first Peruvian to appear on the Forbes list is Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor. The president of the Intercorp group ranks 679 in the global ranking.”, wrote Gestión, adding that the seventh richest person in the world in Mexican telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim with a fortune of $67.1 billion US dollars.

In places 1,284 and 1,561 respectively appear Vito Rodriguez Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez Rodriguez, both of the Gloria Group. Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata of the Brescia Group also shares the position 1,561, having the same net worth as Jorge Rodriguez Rodriguez.

Then, Eduardo Hochschild, president of the Hochschild Group, is in the 1,650th position, followed by Eduardo Belmont Anderson, president of Belcorp, in 1,867th place, according to Gestión.

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